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The most reliable, simple and secure method of sending and receiving money on the Internet. PayPal is an American company that acts as an intermediary in the money transfers made by its customers through the Internet. - PayPal is becoming the "Global Standard" of online payments. Every day more and more people, companies, businesses and businesses use PayPal as their online transaction processor, in addition to thousands of virtual stores, like eBay among others.

The Paypal system, with nearly 150 million members in 190 countries around the world (list of countries in: list in English / list in Spanish) and included in more than 30,000 websites, allows you to make purchases and pay online without leaving our No. of credit card everywhere. Once you have become a member you no longer have to include your credit card when paying with PayPal, you only need the email address.

This company has a secure server (https) so all transactions are subject to the greatest privacy and security. (They even have such a reliable system that they have an insurance that offers compensation of $ 100,000 to those who have had any anomaly or problem when using their services).

This service links your e-mail to a credit card number and makes it the safest and easiest of online payment methods.

In short, if you are one of those who do not like to give your credit card, this is your best option.

Transfer payment

You can pay the total amount of the purchase, paying by Bank Transfer. The order is processed the same day of receiving the deposit in the account of Pla Editions S.L. Remember that it is essential that in said transfer / entry the order number that will be provided in the confirmation of the same be indicated. The deposit of checks or similar will not be accepted in any of our bank accounts. The confirmation of payment can be 24 working hours.